I don’t often come across statues of my favourite animal. So seeing this cute life-like sculpture of a stray cat sure was a pleasant surprise! I feel it certainly deserves a mention here.

Cat sculpture

The sculpture is modelled after a certain stray cat that has found home in a certain place. Hence this is also a prelude to my next post, which would be about my visit to this place.

I think some of you are already familiar with this cat sculpture. So can you tell where in the world I found it?

Cat sculpture

Here’s a closer look at its face! Or do you prefer something warmer and cuddlier?

Stray kitten

Well, just a short distance away from where I saw the cat sculpture, I found a real live kitten! What a cutie! The poor little darling seems to look scared though.

So, guess where I found these kittens! I shall reveal the answer in my next post.