Yeah, yeah, I know this is a pretty weird question to ask. After all, fried bee hoon is rather ubiquitous in the context of Singapore. You can find it almost everywhere! For those not familiar with Singapore cuisine, bee hoon is a kind of thin noodle that is made from rice.

But wait a sec, is this really bee hoon? Take a closer look!

Where in the World is This "Fried Bee Hoon"?

Perhaps I should ask another question. What is it exactly? Fried bee hoon, it is not. So my clever readers, can you try to guess the answers to these 2 questions:

what in the world is this yellow squiggly thing?
where in the world did I find it? By that, I mean the exact location!

Hint #1… friends of would probably know the answers already!

Hint #2… Some of you may get squeamish when you find out what it is!

Haha! The answers would be in my next post! Meanwhile, have fun guessing!