Alrighty, I thought since I blogged all the way from my departure for Bangkok right up to my last day in Bangkok, I might as well blog about my return trip to Singapore too.

I remember waking up early Wednesday morning feeling all sad and blue as I had to leave Bangkok in a couple hours’ time. The past one week would have seem short anywhere else. But in Bangkok, it felt as though I had been there for a month! I realised I had already fallen in love with living in Bangkok, eating from roadside stalls, commuting via public buses and skytrains.

I couldn’t even bear to leave my apartment. Although it did take me a couple of days to get used to it, not having to fear ghosts at night, it had become a cozy and very comfortable home for me for the whole week.

So one hour before checking out at the hotel, what did I do? I decided to extend my stay in Thailand. I called up the zuji office (my ticket agent) all the way in Australia to make my ticket changes but the lady said I had to call up Cathay pacific airway directly. So I called up Cathay pacific in Singapore, was put on hold for a bloody long time before someone decided to answer. And the person said they couldn’t do a thing, and I had to make my changes through zuji! What a shitload waste of time and money making those long distance calls for nothing!

I decided to just come back home to Singapore. My family was waiting for me.

I got to the airport via the airport expressway, hence no traffic congestion. Checked in at the counter, and what did I get?

A business class ticket, AGAIN! They bumped me up to business class the previous time too! Cathay pacific airway is definitely generous towards their passengers, or maybe it’s just the people at the check-in counters.

After paying my airport tax of 500 baht, I still had some Thai baht left. So even with just half an hour left to board my flight, I decided to have one last meal in Bangkok.

The service was excellent again, as it had been in all the dining places I had visited for the past seven days. That’s another thing I’m gonna miss about Thailand. It really lives up to its nickname as the Land of Smiles. People are always friendly to others, even if it’s to an alien like me from a foreign land. The service they provide in restaurants is even better. In Singapore, people are just so bloody stuck-up. To attain the same standard of service as that of the Thais would be an impossibility here, unless we employ only Thai waiters and waitresses of course.

I had seafood pasta and coconut juice before running off with my garlic bread to catch my flight.

The moment I got onto the plane, I knew it was going to be a thoroughly pleasant ride. The stewards and stewardesses were all smiley and very pleasant. The most important thing was that they actually looked sincere and happy to be serving the passengers onboard.

I finally said goodbye to Bangkok. It had been a truly memorable trip, and the past seven days there were priceless.

Almonds to munch on and coffee to keep awake. All escort girls xamsterdam in one place.

It was marinated seafood papaya for appetiser. That one was yummy yummy.

And seabass in black bean sauce for the main course. Yummy.

Very pleasant flight with good food and good tv. But towards the last part of the flight, I just found myself tearing. I couldn’t bear to leave Bangkok at all! Waaaaaa! And the moment I touched down at Changi Airport, it was a world of difference. I truly felt like I came to hell.

I was treated like a criminal so many times, simply because I asked if I could go to the duty-free shops at the departure level. Just say no and I would be on my way out! But nooo, they had to behave like arrogant bitches. The female policewomen at terminal one were fucking old hags, all sitting around literally shaking legs, doing NOTHING at all except shaking legs and engaging in their own meaningless banter. Don’t even try to speak to them or ask any question, because they would only snap at you with their menopausal hormones at maximum power.

Granted, I had never liked nor respected any of the policemen and policewomen in Singapore. But my experience at Changi Airport made it all worse. Changi airport is supposed to be a world-class airport, and won numerous prizes for “best airport”. But its status and fame would only be an empty shell if people working within can’t even live up to its name. Shame on them.

Okay that was a gross generalisation. Not every single staff member working at Changi Airport is like that. Probably only 95%. Perhaps it’s because I had just returned from Thailand, and hence could really see the stark contrast between Thais and Singaporeans.

I decided to take the MRT back to redhill. Had so much trouble with my very heavy luggage. I was a very inefficient packer, and didn’t realise I had packed it in such a way that one side was heavier than the other, so the luggage bag would sometimes topple over when left standing. With momentum on the escalator, the luggage was at times threatening to topple down the steps and hit someone in front.

I had a physical struggle with the stupid thing and a few men were standing directly behind me witnessing the whole thing. Yet not a single one of them in their barehandedness lifted a finger to help. Singaporeans! I was totally disgusted because in Bangkok, that would never have happened. I could carry on and on and on about the ugliness of Singaporeans, but I shall stop here.

I have really come home.