For the longest time I have had this spooky edition of Sparklette sitting on my computer. Many of you would have seen it already if you had been following this blog since last Halloween. I made it just for fun :D

Anyways, rather than let it go to waste, I made it into an actual usable theme for this blog. Notice 2 new shiny buttons on the top right hand corner? They allow you to turn on/off the lights on this page and switch between the 2 design styles! (feed readers and email subscribers, you would have to come to to see this.)

Let it be night!

Turn off the lights!

Let there be light!

Let there be light!

You like? It involved quite a fair bit of hard work as I had to create 2 separate sets of images and stylesheets to achieve this effect. But who knows, if I’m hardworking enough I might just make a snowy white one for Christmas!

Let me know which is your favourite! If you’re fascinated, you can view many more interesting style switchers on smashing magazine.