Getting this new layout implemented took much longer than I thought. And it’s not even fully finished yet. There are some more changes I have to make. But for now, I shall present to you version 8 of Sparklette, titled “purple dreams“.

Version 8 of Sparklette - Purple Dreams

Again, this is another personal layout. The background depicts the famous big Ben of london. This is one place I would really like to visit when I have the means to. It’s supposed to be dusk, but I decided to sprinkle stars all over the sky anyway, just for fun! I do love stars a lot.

The Orionin the top left hand corner is the twinkling constellation, the orion. It holds a lot of meaning for me. A friend taught me how to spot the orion in the night sky – just look out for the three stars in a straight row. That’s something I’ll never forget.

Just for fun again, I put in a couple more twinkling stars elsewhere. Try spotting those.

The lyrics featured are from “if I ain’t got you“, a terrific song by the very beautiful and talented alicia keys.

hand me the world on a silver platter
And what good would it be?
No one to share
No one who truly cares for me

Well as you all know, I’ve been extremely busy with work lately, and because of that, my personal life has been left in shambles. It led me to wonder, what’s the point of doing so much work at the expense of losing ourselves, when it all doesn’t hold much meaning at the end of the day? We just die and fade away. Maybe slowly, but surely.

Charm Braceletthis is my charm bracelet from tiffany & co, designed by elsa peretti, and I wear it quite a lot. Going in the clockwise direction from the top, the charms are “bean”, “eternal circle”, “starfish”, “teardrop” and “open heart”. The bracelet holds special memories for me, which is why I included it in this layout.

For this layout, I decided to expand this frame so that more text can be visible on the screen to ease reading, and that I may post images with bigger dimensions. For my previous layouts, in order to accommodate people using 800×600 screen resolutions, I had always designed this frame to be pretty narrow, and hence too small to post clear images. This time round hopefully things would look better on the more common 1024×768 screen resolution.

I also decided to revamp the sidebar. Previously I had been too lazy to make changes there, so layout after layout, it was always full of junk text which I doubt anyone bothers to read. So now instead of blocks of text, I substituted with images instead. That would surely cost a lot of loading time though, but once loaded, things should look better than before.

The layout’s not fully finished yet. Some links are not working still, and I haven’t finished adding quite a lot of stuff. Do let me know what you guys think, okay?

Much love,