Hello people. I present to you version 9 of Sparklette, titled “void“.

Version 9 of Sparklette - Void

I try to incorporate my favourite things into my layouts to make them more personal. For example, almost every single one of my layouts features stars of some sort. Now, I shall explain why I included the various elements that I did in the design.

Galaxyastronomy is a subject I have always loved ever since I was a young girl. In fact, it is the first area of science that I actually found an interest in and loved.

My love for stars and sci-fi movies, and my more recent interest in the theory of hyperspace all stemmed from this love in astronomy. I took up the module “understanding the universe” in my first semester in university despite hating physics.

Oriental Lilynext up is my favourite flower, the oriental lily. I don’t really fancy the usual rose, tulip or sunflower as much as the oriental lily. Lilies give the general impression of being white. So when I first spotted this unique pink lily in a flower shop some time back, I was entranced.

Red roses represent love, and pink roses, adoration. But I don’t really know what oriental lilies stand for. Nonetheless, the pink oriental lily is really beautiful and exotic, and is no doubt my favourite flower.

It makes sense to title this piece “void” which is kind of what I’m feeling currently – the feeling of emptiness despite having a very hectic schedule almost everyday. I thought I have found meaning in what I do, but ironically the sense of emptiness just grows with it as well. It doesn’t make any sense.

Unlike previous layouts, I did not include any meaningful quotes in this one, befitting the “void” theme. I have also moved the sidebar from the left to the right. The layout remains largely purple even though I have attempted using other colours such as blue and black. I still find a purple colour scheme more appealing and suitable for this blog.

I hope you like this layout.

Much love,