I love cats! Love the sound of their mews, the way they rub themselves on you, and their cute whiskered faces! Last weekend, I visited the cat championship show at expo with much anticipation. It was organised by the Singapore cat club that’s celebrating its 35th anniversary!

It sure felt awesome to be admiring so many cute feline beauties all in one place! They were in their own cages and visitors could walk by to ooh and ahh at them. Some cat owners would proudly open the cages to let people pet the kitties!

Garfield lookalike Exotic Shorthair

Doesn’t this exotic shorthair kitty resemble garfield? I just love his grumpy look!

Championship Cat Show ribbons

The term “championship” may bring the illusion of cats being pitted against one another in some form of sports. (at least, that was my first impression!) it’s really a beauty pageant show, where owners bring their precious kitties to compete for various awards, such as “best of breed” or “best of colour”. Winning kitties get their own special coloured ribbons!

Kitty having a good stretch

This kitty has a nice coat of grey and white fur. He’s enjoying a good stretch, the way cats do (even lions!). And it’s a “he” because he’s got a beard! Haha!

White longhair kitty

A white longhair beauty with a long bushy tail. She’s gorgeous! At one point she kept swaying her beautiful tail at passers-by. Awww!

Gorgeous blue-eyed kitty

I particularly adore the sapphire blue eyes of this one. What an intent gaze! Beautiful!

For a rarer breed, there’s always the hairless sphynx cat! I had never seen one before except on the TV show, friends (rachel’s pet, mrs. Whiskerson) and the movie, austin powers (dr. Evil’s pet, Mr. Bigglesworth).

Sphynx cat

This was the one and only sphynx cat at the event, but the poor little fella looked neglected. There weren’t many people making a fuss over him as compared to the other cat breeds. But the sphynx cat certainly is ideal for people with cat hair allergy!

Bollywood-themed cat cage

As the kitties were also judged on how well decorated their cages were, many cat owners had found creative ways in beautifying the cages.

Bollywood-themed cat cages

The theme for the day was “bollywood”. That explains the colourful flowers and peacock flowers being used to adorn many cat cages. I wonder if the kitties felt extra special in them?

Bollywood-themed cat cage

I’m not sure which cage won, but for me this mostly black and dark grey cage was easily the best decorated one.

Cat cage in the shape of Taj Mahal

The owners had painstakingly built a mini taj mahal on the roof of the cat cage! It looked mighty impressive! Hope they won the first prize!

Exotic Shorthair kitty

Meanwhile, here are more exotic shorthair kitties!

Exotic Shorthair kitty

They really remind me of garfield!

Exotic Shorthair kitty

Ehn! Ehn! If you’re wondering why this grey kitty was struggling and looking extra grumpy, that’s because his owner was just about to dress him up in a shiny little costume for the “best dressed cat” competition.

Kitty dressed like Aladdin

My most favourite cat of the day has got to be the one dressed like aladdin. His owner carried him like he was a baby! Gotta give the little guy props for being so well-behaved. Not once did he fidget about or fuss over his hat and costume. No wonder he was crowned the “best dressed cat”!

Sleeping kitties

As different competitive events went on for the day, some cats got tired from the competition stress. Look at the two sleepyheads!


Of course, what’s a kitty event without kitty food, right? And when it comes to kitty food, there’s always friskies!

Sterilise cats

“sterilise cats” was the main message carried at the cat adoption booth. Very important stuff!

Perhaps, if more people could see the beauty of cats at such events and realise how lovable and harmless they are, they might treat the animal with more dignity and compassion. Cases of such mindless torture would come to an end.

I love cats!