This is so adorable and funny! In Aberdeen, Scotland, a seagull has been spotted shoplifting snacks from a neighbourhood store. Everyday he would walk into the store and make off with his favourite packet of Chili Heatwave flavoured Doritos in his beak!

You have to watch this video to believe it! Notice that the seagull even checks to see if the storekeeper is watching! After getting what he wants, he would run away quickly like he knows he’s doing something wrong!

In the interview, the store owner remarked that this was the same seagull stealing from him everyday. “He’s got this look,” he says. Hahaha!

Nicknamed Sam, the seagull has endeared himself to the local community. Customers have even started paying for his Doritos! So far, he has already pilfered more than 20 bags of the snack.

Shoplifting seagull! Now I’ve seen everything!