Hello people. After the irresistibly adorable Knut the polar bear cub, I thought I would bring you another baby animal again.

And this time, it’s a newborn! *squeals with delight*

Can you tell what he is? Make a guess! Don’t scroll down too fast. (hint: the pictures are quite telling by day 7.)

day 1 – *snip, snip* look, tiny ears and almost no fur!

Day 1

day 1 – Daddy is wiping my wet little pink nose. Look how tiny I am!

Day 1

day 2 – roarrr! (I’m still all pink!)

Day 2

day 2 – roarrrrr!

Day 2

day 7 – I turn a week old today! Can you tell what I am?

Day 7

day 25 – ta-da! (boy, do I need to get more sleep!)

Day 25

day 25 – awww… I wuv hugging my wee little bolster.

Day 25

day 30 – look at me! I’m just a cute little baby.

Day 30

day 30 – ehn! Ehn! Trying to get up!

Day 30

day 35 – sigh… I give up!

Day 35

day 35 – need more sleep to lose those dark eye rings!

Day 35

day 85 – *sniff, sniff*

Day 85

day 90 – fuzzy little blankie keeps me warm.

Day 90

day 120 – hellooooo!

Day 120

Awww… Isn’t he adorable? Haha it took me until day 25 before I could tell that he’s a panda bear! How long did it take for you?

Personally, I do favour Knut a little more. But heck, all babies are kewt!

(All photos have been taken from Cute Overload.)