Wanna win a prize? Submit your lunch photo(s) to editor@sparklette.net!

Does that sound fun? I am planning a reader-contributed What’s For Lunch? series and would like to invite you to tell me what you had for lunch.

Please include at least one photo (minimum 600px width) along with:

  • Name of the dish
  • Name of the restaurant/hawker stall (location)
  • Price
  • Your rating out of 5
  • If you have a blog or review somewhere do include your link as well.
  • Email to editor@sparklette.net with the subject line “Here’s what I had for lunch!

That’s it!


Fresh Prawn Chee Cheong Fun
Your lunch: Fresh prawn Chee Cheong Fun
From: Teng Yu Chee Cheong Fun (ABC Market)
Price: $3
Your rating: 3.5/5
Your review (optional): https://sparklette.net/food/teng-yu-chee-cheong-fun-porridge/

If you use an iPhone or any other smartphone, you can simply snap a photo while you’re out at lunch and send it along to editor@sparklette.net.

One reader gets to win a food-tasting session with me in a mystery location! (Did that come off as suspicious?) Wish I could offer a better prize though. But for now, I hope this is good enough!

Worldwide submissions are welcome! But for obvious reasons, only people based in Singapore are eligible for the food-tasting prize.

Happy lunching, snap away and have fun!