There’s no better way to spend Christmas than with your own family. This year, I had the heavy responsibility of buying the Turkey, since obviously no one at home knows how to stuff one.

Christmas Turkey at home

As it turns out, the art of Turkey stuffing is lost not just with my family but also at the place where I got the Turkey – the stuffing did not taste good! But! I’m not gonna complain further because that wouldn’t be very Christmasy, would it? The only thing that matters is that we got together as a family to have a Christmas lunch. And that’s what counts. Yum!

Christmas log cake

Must have Christmas log cake too. A Christmas just isn’t complete without a log cake! And it must be a chocolate cake of course. None of those fancy durian or mocha flavours please! I have been wondering why log cakes feature heavily in Christmas. Turns out that it’s a yuletide tradition to burn large tree logs during Christmas. Well, there you go!

Happy boxing day!