Many of you who read this blog probably eat out frequently. As much as I love dining out, I have to admit that it isn’t as healthy as home-cooked food.

Salmon steak

How to eat healthy at home

There are several benefits to cooking at home. For instance, we can opt to use healthier oil when cooking our dishes, and try to minimise the amount of salt and sugar used. Furthermore, when out shopping for groceries, you can choose to buy Healthier Choice products that are generally lower in fat, salt and sugar.

I’m also grateful to my mom for never failing to ensure that there is ample supply of fruits at home, so that we would have two servings of both fruits and vegetables daily.

How to eat healthy when dining out

When dining out, it is inevitably harder to control exactly what goes into your body. What some of you may not realise is that certain restaurants and hawker stalls serve healthier dishes.

I get excited whenever I spot the red Healthier Choice symbol, and will try to go for these dishes. Check out our reviews of Dian Xiao Er, Swensen’s, tcc and Lerk Thai to see what these dishes are. They are not only healthier, but taste incredibly delicious too!

How to track your calories

To keep track of your calorie intake, activities and weight, check out the Interactive Diet and Activity Tracker mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Interactive Diet and Activity Tracker iPhone app

As I have highlighted before, the Health Promotion Board of Singapore has an upcoming Let’s Cook Healthy Together Photo Contest to promote healthy eating habits. This is a great opportunity to partake in a fun and healthy cooking activity at home with your family, and win fabulous prizes at the same time!

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