As someone who eats out frequently, I really appreciate a home-cooked meal. It’s fun shopping for groceries together as a family, and feels really nice cooking and dining in the comfort of our own home. Plus, it’s much healthier than dining out as we get to control exactly what goes into our food and ultimately, what gets into our stomach.

The Health Promotion Board of Singapore has an upcoming Let’s Cook Healthy Together Photo Contest that I’m really looking forward to join, and would encourage you to take part as well. After all, healthy eating starts from within the family. If you would like a fun and healthy activity that engages your entire family, and win attractive prizes at the same time, this is one contest you must join!

Let’s Cook Healthy Together Photo Contest

Let's Cook Healthy Together Photo Contest

This photo contest is open to Singapore residents. There must be 2-4 family members in a group, with one of them under 18. Participants must submit:

  • 2 coloured photos (one of the healthier dish and one of the family cooking)
  • The recipe for the dish

Contest Period

Submission: 13 Aug 2012 (09:00) to 9 Sept 2012 (23:59)
Voting of finalists: 11 Sept 2012 (09:00) to 21 Sept 2012 (17:00)
Announcement of winners: 28 Sept 2012 (09:01)


  • 1st prize:
    S$3,000 FairPrice vouchers
    3 Cooking classes for a family of 4 at Cookery Magic
  • 2nd prize:
    S$2,000 FairPrice vouchers
    2 Cooking classes for a family of 4 at Cookery Magic
  • 3rd prize:
    S$1,000 FairPrice vouchers
    1 Cooking class for a family of 4 at Cookery Magic
  • 11 consolation prizes:
    S$100 FairPrice vouchers each

Healthy Recipes

If you are looking for some healthy recipes, download the nifty Healthy Chef iPhone app for over 70 healthier (and mouth-watering) recipes spanning Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cuisines created by renowned chefs in Singapore.

Healthy Chef iPhone app

Also, don’t forget to Like Health Promotion Board on Facebook for more healthy eating tips and contest updates.