SUN Japanese Dining is offering diners a Kyushu experience at its restaurants, with dishes featuring main ingredients from regions in and around Kyushu, Japan.

The Kyushu focused cuisine is launched in partnership with the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and will be available from 16 November 2012 to 8 January 2013 at Japanese Dining SUN (CHIJMES) and Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Café (Wheelock Place).

Kurobuta gyoza (Japanese dumplings)

Kurobuta gyoza

The starter of Kurobuta gyoza (Japanese dumplings) consists of pan-fried pouches encasing Berkshire pork, cabbage, chives and garlic. While you can dip into the accompanying soy sauce, these browned morsels are completely umami on their own.

Shiokoji marinated meat platter of Berkshire pork, tender chicken and salmon

Shiokoji moriawase

The shiokoji moriawase is a meat platter of Berkshire pork, tender chicken and salmon. The trio is marinated using shiokoji, a traditional condiment made from fermented malted rice, salt and water. Not only is it rich in enzymes, it also brings out the savoury in meats.

Fatty tuna, yellow seabream, horse mackerel, golden-eye snapper, striped jack, yellowtail, Japanese seabream sashimi

Kyushu sashimi mori
S$58.80++ for 5 kinds / SGD78.80++ for 7 kinds

Sashimi lovers will have a field day with the Kyushu sashimi mori, a visual and palatable feast of 5 or 7 kinds of fish: fatty tuna, yellow seabream, horse mackerel, golden-eye snapper, striped jack, yellowtail, Japanese seabream sashimi.

Cold seaweed udon

Nori udon

The nori udon are green seaweed noodles that are easily mistaken for soba, boasting a delightful springy texture. Have fun mixing and matching the soy sauce?based broth with 4 accompanying condiments such as salt and ginger. One of the best Japanese noodle dishes I’ve had.

Mizayaki beef steak ajikurabe

Mizayaki beef steak ajikurabe

The most memorable – and priciest – dish on the Kyushu menu is the Mizayaki beef steak ajikurabe. The meat’s incomparably tender texture is only surpassed by its depth of flavour. Beef lovers will positively revel in this.

Green tea cake roll

Yamecha roll cake

Desserts, I’m happy to report, also do not disappoint. The yamecha roll cake is a green tea roll comprising a vanilla cream centre. With an embellishment of green tea powder and a dollop of red beans on the side, this is art on a plate.

Momo jam chiffon cake

Momo jam chiffon cake

The momo jam chiffon cake is a bit more generic but should still appeal to those who prefer to end the meal on a lighter note.

In my opinion, the Kyushu experience at SUN Dining is the most exciting Japanese dining concept to hit town this year. I recommend it highly.

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