Now that Mid-Autumn Festival 2012 is just around the corner, it’s time to get busy with the sampling of various mooncake combinations from restaurants around town. With so many different ingredients, colours, flavours and even scents, mooncakes can almost be a separate class of food by itself these days!

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At Peony Jade Restaurant, the chefs have dusted up a big flour storm to come up with traditional, snowskin, fruity and even Angry Birds mooncake creations!

Fruity snowskin mooncakes

4 Heavenly Flavours
S$60 for a box of 4

The snowskin selection, 4 Heavenly Flavours, draws inspiration from 4 fruity flavours:

  • Pure Mao Shan Wang durian in organic pandan
  • Alphonso honey mango sago pomelo
  • Fragrant lychee
  • Chempedak

Lychee snowskin mooncakes

Lychee snowskin mooncake
S$48 for a box of 4

My personal favourite is the lychee snowskin mooncake. This pretty in pink morsel is packed with sweet and juicy lychee chunks that come alive on your taste buds. I find this a godsend on a hot sunny afternoon. Best consumed chilled.

Traditional mooncakes

Imperial combo set
S$58 for a box of 4

Traditionalists can pick something from the baked selection, which includes:

  • White lotus paste with melon seeds
  • Mother of pearl white lotus paste with macadamia nuts & single yolk
  • Mother of pearl white lotus paste with macadamia nuts & 2 yolks
  • White lotus paste with black sesame and egg custard paste

To get a taste of all four options, go for the imperial combo set. I enjoy the traditional baked mooncakes thoroughly as they are not overtly sweet. As delicious as they are, mooncakes are also decidedly chock-full of calories. So what we usually do at home is that we cut each mooncake into eighths instead of quarters, so that we don’t indulge in too much at one go.

And finally…

Angry Birds egg custard snowskin mooncakes

Angry Birds egg custard snowskin mooncakes
S$88 for a box of 4

Angry Birds mooncakes! These fun and playful mooncakes come in four different bird designs. I’m glad that the restaurant has opted to make the birds come alive in 3D versions rather than going for stencilled designs. Each mooncake is filled with velvety egg custard encased within a crust made of natural fruit flavour.

If you are a fan of Angry Birds, be sure to grab these fast as there are only 3,000 boxes available.

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