Whilst browsing the candy section at the local supermarket, these unusual products caught my eye. Scrabble and Monopoly, two of the world’s most popular board games, can now be eaten. That’s right; the game pieces are made of chocolate.

Scrabble and Monopoly - The Chocolate Edition

The chocolate editions of Scrabble and Monopoly are produced by Canadian chocolatier Laura Secord. At the NTUC Fairprice supermarket (Orchard Grand Court outlet), the usual price is S$22.50 each and they are on sale currently at almost half the price. Not bad for a box of Belgian chocolates that you can both play and eat. That’s double the fun!

Monopoly – The Chocolate Edition

The Monopoly chocolate edition includes the board (made of thin paper) and 32 pieces of chocolate. In place of the usual charms and dice is a new colourful spinner. The game rules are also very simplified.

Monopoly - Chocolate edition

This is how you play yummy chocolate Monopoly:

  1. Place the board and the spinner on the table.
  2. The host spins first. If the spinner lands on a coloured square, the player can take a chocolate of the same (street) colour from the box and put it on the board on a street square of the same colour. Then it is the next player’s turn.
  3. If the spinner stops on a locomotive square, the player must place a similar chocolate on one of the stations.
  4. If the spinner stops on a square with a question mark, a similar chocolate is placed in the bank.
  5. If the spinner stops on the Free Parking square, the player may take all chocolates from the bank.
  6. Once the last chocolate belonging to a colour on the board (street or station) has been placed, the next player to spin this colour may take all the chocolates of that colour.
  7. As soon as all streets and all stations have been distributed, the player who has won the most chocolates wins! The winner may also eat any chocolates left in the bank.

Monopoly - Chocolate edition

Scrabble – The Chocolate Edition

As for Scrabble chocolate edition, it comes with a paper board and 32 pieces of chocolate squares wrapped to resemble Scrabble letters.

Scrabble - Chocolate edition

Here are the game rules for chocolate Scrabble:

  1. Each player takes 5 chocolates out of the box and puts them on the table in front of them. The board is placed on the table.
  2. The host takes the first turn by trying to make a word run horizontally or vertically, starting in the centre square. Players may use the letters on either side of the chocolates. Write down the total value of the word and take out as many new chocolates as you need to make up to five again.
  3. The next player tries to make up a new word using one of more of the letters already on the board.
  4. A premium letter or word square doubles or triples the value of the letter or word.
  5. When no more words can be built, the player with the highest scores wins the Golden Trophy. The host then divides up the chocolates.
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Does this make you want to run to the nearest store to buy a box of these edible board games? Sure, they can be played just that one time, but they sure make great party games. In fact, there are more games in the chocolate series such as Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit.

What are the most unusual food products you have seen? Let us know!