I bid farewell to my good friend, Fernando, yesterday. He would be doing his Master’s at the Vancouver Film School. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? He’s one of the very few talented people I know that’s in the field of design, and one of the few friends that actually understand and appreciate my work, and me as a person.

Of course, being the awfully sweet dude that he’s always been, he got me this before he left, knowing how much I love it:

Tequila Rose

Ta-da! A bottle of Tequila Rose! Sweet, yummy, strawberry cream goodness! The black bottle with the rose emblem is almost too pretty!

Last December I was introduced to this drink at Café Iguana (credits to Tony a.k.a. Aristocrat for buying me my first Tequila Rose on the rocks. Coincidentally I was also with Fernando at that time). I was hooked ever since. Apparently it’s pretty rare too. Each time I ask for tequila rose at any pub outside of Café Iguana, they never have it (or have even heard of it).

Thanks dude! Now I can, err, drink this at home every night! I think the ladies would totally love this. It’s sweet and milky, pretty much the best-tasting alcoholic drink there can be.

Well, saying goodbye is always sad, never easy, even if it’s just for a year. Each time I bid farewell to someone whom I care about, my heart breaks a little! Damn, I hate goodbyes!

But anyhow, we made a pact (on the back of some coffee coasters at tcc, no less, since that’s where we were)!

Our pact, to meet again a year later

We have pledged to meet up at the same place when he returns from Canada a year from now. Does this sound high school? It’s my idea actually, and a rather good one. I have a high tendency in losing touch with friends once we stop seeing each other.

Farewell dude, I’m gonna miss you very much. Take care!