Avocado bacon chicken burger

Burger fanatics would be pleased to know that a new burger joint, The Better Burger, has recently opened in Mohamed Sultan. Located in a district popular amongst clubbers, The Foundry – consisting of The Better Burger, Pizza Memoirs, Tiffin North Indian and Baan Khun Nai Authentic Thai Cuisine – caters to a wide audience.

The Foundry, Singapore

The crowd gets livelier towards the evening, made up mostly of expatriates and party-goers who are keen to grab a quick bite before hitting the clubs. The laid-back setting also makes it a great location for family and friends to hang out and catch the live telecast of football matches on the large projector screen.

The Foundry, Singapore

Being entirely alfresco, the open-air concept allows you to dine under the stars. On rainy days, the uniquely-designed awning will shelter you from the weather. The sound of raindrops even adds to the relaxed chill-out ambience!

The Better Burger, Singapore

While the burger menu is not extensive, with a choice of 8 beef burgers and 3 chicken burgers, you may still have a hard time picking one out from the enticing options.

The Better Burger menu, Singapore

Choose from options like the classic burger (S$11), the exotic Mexican Burger (S$13) or the Pesterella burger (beef S$13, chicken S$12). Every burger comes with lettuce and tomato, individualised by different ingredients and relish.

The Better Burger menu, Singapore

Heighten your burger with various top-ups: egg (S$1), cheddar (S$1), bacon (S$1.50) and premium portobello (S$3).

The sides available are TBB fries (S$5), calamari (S$10), cheesy chicken bites (S$8), buffalo wings (S$10 for 6 pieces) and the Better Basket (S$15) consisting of all the sides.

Habanero spicy kidney bean salsa

The Mexican burger comprises of Habanero spicy kidney bean salsa, sour cream, mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce and tomato; the fresh ingredients certainly score points!

Cheese bacon beef burger

Cheese bacon beef

Cheese lovers can have the cheese bacon beef, made up of cheddar, bacon, iceberg lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, gherkin and barbecue sauce, teamed with a nest of fries. The star of this burger is definitely the tender and juicy patty, made from air-flown Australian beef that is pounded daily. Every bite feels incredibly satisfying as delicious juices ooze out from the quality beef.

Cheese bacon beef burger

I must add that the buns are also outstanding! Toasted upon order, the fresh bun has a slightly crunchy crust that surrounds a light, airy and mildly sweet bread. The bacon, however, isn’t crispy like I anticipated, although it is tasty and adds another dimension to the burger. The fresh tomato is sliced thickly which improves the overall texture of the burger. The crispy fries are well seasoned and definitely worth raving about. They remain crispy even after sitting on the table for some time.

Although cutlery is provided, the best way to enjoy a burger is still with one’s hands! The portion is sufficient but not intimidatingly huge, although you will still need to work those jaw muscles.

Avocado bacon chicken burger

Avocado bacon chicken burger

A healthier choice will be the avocado bacon chicken burger, comprising avocado purée, bacon, iceberg lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, chicken dressing, and slices of beetroot. A version with beef is also available on the menu for S$14.

The lightly battered chicken patty is made from skinless chicken breast, whose lower fat content will appeal to the health conscious. Even though a juicy chicken thigh would sound more appealing, the breast meat doesn’t lack in taste and isn’t as dry and tough as I have expected.

My favourite part is the avocado purée, which is not just nutritious, but also rich and tasty at the same time. The crunchy beetroot adds texture and colour that stains the mayonnaise beautifully. All the flavours compliment each other well.

The Better Burger menu, Singapore

To wash down those burgers, you can choose from a small selection of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla shakes (S$5 each), as well as an extensive list of alcoholic drinks.

The service is impeccable. One perk is that no GST charge is added to the menu prices.

With its namesake, you should expect nothing short of great burgers at The Better Burger. It is still new to the market, but given a few more years, you may be patronising one of the best burger joints in town.

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The Better Burger
The Foundry
18 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238967
Tel: +65 6733 3102

Opening hours:
Sun – Thu 11am – 11pm
Fri & Sat 11am – 2am