Pizza with masala curry sauce, curry chicken, red chilli and mozzarella

Pizza Memoirs, situated along Mohamed Sultan Road, specialises in creative pizzas with unique themes.

Under The Foundry, an open-air concept that houses four different restaurants – The Better Burger, Tiffin North Indian, Tomatillos Mexican and Pizza Memoirs – you can enjoy western, Indian, Mexican and Italian cuisines all under one roof. Its entirely alfresco seating allows you to wind down and relax after being cooped up in the office all day.

The Foundry, Singapore

What better place to enjoy good food coupled with live telecast of football games? A nice cold beer in one hand, and a slice of pizza in the other is just the perfect way to chill out with great company.

Pizza Memoirs at The Foundry, Singapore

Other than the three specialty pizzas, Pizza Memoirs offer a selection of classic pizzas (S$15, S$20 and S$35 for 9-inch, 12-inch and 21-inch respectively), pastas (S$10-15), salads and soups (S$4-10).

You cannot leave this place without trying the specialty pizzas. They only come in the regular 9-inch size, but you may request for extra toppings for an additional S$3. With such creative names – Sweet Dreams, Taboo and Nightmare – they sure pique one’s curiosity!

For those who enjoy bolder flavours, Taboo and Nightmare would suit your taste buds. But for those with a lighter palate, you would enjoy the healthier option, Sweet Dreams.

Pizza with fish bak kwa, pineapples, onions and mozzarella

Sweet Dreams pizza

Fresh from the oven, the humble looking Sweet Dreams resembles the classic Hawaiian pizza, comprising fish bak kwa (fish jerky) and sweet pineapples on a special miso mayo sauce base, topped with caramelised onions and mozzarella.

The dough is made from scratch daily with extra virgin oil, ensuring a fragrant and firm but light pizza base. There is a good contrast between the texture and sweetness from the crunchy pineapples and the savoury fish bak kwa.

Pizza with fish bak kwa, pineapples, onions and mozzarella

You may be pleasantly surprised by the texture of the bak kwa. Unlike the typical bak kwa, its texture is more similar to otah.

Even though Sweet Dreams is the best seller among the three pizzas, I am slightly underwhelmed, possibly due to the high expectations I had. Perhaps the simplicity of this dish is meant to showcase the restaurant’s specialty product, the fish bak kwa, without overwhelming the entire pizza with other ingredients. It is definitely still worth a try.

Pizza with masala curry sauce, curry chicken, red chilli and mozzarella

Spicy Taboo pizza

The Taboo pizza comprises masala curry sauce, curry chicken, red chilli, mozzarella, sprinkled with fresh coriander and drizzled with fresh yogurt. The spice-loaded fragrance is temptation in itself, and the presentation very much appeals to my visual appetite.

Upon the first bite, I enjoy the crispiness of the crust, the intensity of the flavours followed by the creaminess of the cheese. Unlike other curry flavoured pizzas I’ve tasted in the past that are pretty dry, Taboo is moist with tender slices of chicken that did not dry out during the baking process. Tamed by the fresh yogurt, the heat is just right without being overly spicy.

Pizza with masala curry sauce, curry chicken, red chilli and mozzarella

The thickness of the pizza base is ideal. Although indicated as a medium crust, it is thin enough that I can still fill my stomach with more. I love how the crust remains crispy despite sitting on our table for some time.

Squid ink pizza

Spicy Nightmare pizza

Do not be startled by the blackness of the Nightmare pizza. It is not burnt; the colour comes from squid ink! Nightmare comprises of squid rings, red chilli, a special black pepper sauce and mozzarella over a squid ink dough, sprinkled with fresh coriander.

Every bite is a burst of exotic and delicious flavours. The squid rings are tender; for those who tend to avoid squids due to their chewy texture, this would probably ignite your love for squids. The black pepper sauce ups the oomph factor, and the fragrance from the coriander makes the pizza so appetising.

This is one well-executed dish that I strongly urge you to try. A nightmare it certainly is not!

Squid ink pizza

While the seats here may not be the most comfortable, the food and ambience is definitely good enough to keep you staying here till nightfall. It is a great dining experience and I am looking forward to more intriguing pizza creations.

The Foundry, Singapore

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