umisushi, known for its Japanese quick service foods in Singapore, is presenting a range of Chinese New Year dishes with a little touch of Japanese this festive occasion.

The great news is that you can conveniently place your order online and have these goodies delivered right to your doorstep over the holidays. We tried out the home delivery service on a Friday evening. Our order arrived on the dot, fresh and all ready to be served!

Chinese New Year yusheng from umisushi, Singapore

umi Yusheng
S$38.80 for regular (8 slices of salmon) / S$52.80 for large (16 slices of salmon)

The umi Yusheng is a Chinese New Year must-have. Included within the set are chilled salmon slices, colourful vegetables, plum sauce and the special ingredient of crispy fried salmon skin, which adds a unique Japanese twist to this Chinese dish.

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Chinese New Year yusheng from umisushi, Singapore

To help you clean up easily after the tossing fun, umisushi has provided a free giant placemat with each yusheng. The colourful placement also doubles up as the old school “snakes and ladders” game board to usher in the Year of the Snake!

Chinese New Year yusheng from umisushi, Singapore

And here’s the aftermath of our lo hei. The salmon slices are fresh and delicious! Our only gripe is that there is not enough sauce or golden pillows, which would have made the yusheng even more enjoyable.

Salmon sashimi

Salmon sashimi
S$12 / S$18 for delivery on 10-12 February 2013

If you require more salmon, you can order an additional serving of salmon sashimi.

Chinese New Year Treasure Platter from umisushi, Singapore

Treasure Platter
S$48.80 / S$58.80 for delivery on 10-12 February 2013

An absolute personal favourite is the Treasure Platter, which tantalise the palates with six different cold dishes: smoked duck slices, ebi cocktail salad, chilled marinated scallop wings, chilled marinated jellyfish, inari (sweet beancurd), and tamago ebi slices.

Chinese New Year Prosperity Combo from umisushi, Singapore

Prosperity Combo
S$62.80 / S$78.80 for delivery on 10-12 February 2013

All the aforementioned dishes are available in the Prosperity Combo, which offers more savings as compared to ordering each dish separately. Plus, it comes with two bottles of Heaven & Earth green tea and a limited edition plush umichan tissue box cover.

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