Lamaze Play and Grow Toys: Sir Prance-a-lot

Ever since baby Ethan was born… Actually, even before baby Ethan was born, hubby and I have been actively looking out for safe toys that can keep a young baby happy and occupied. Hubby will be on Amazon for hours each night browsing the baby department and reading user reviews.

The toys from the Lamaze Play and Grow range, which features colourful plush animals that are suitable for babies from birth, have received glowing reviews from parents, and definitely caught our eyes because every toy looks well-made and aesthetically pleasing.

Lamaze Play and Grow Toys: Sir Prance-a-lot

We picked the Sir Prance-a-lot stallion because it is most “boy-like” (hey, stud!) compared to some of the other toys that have more girlish colours. Like all the other toys of the same range, Sir Prance-a-lot features a rainbow of bright colours, contrasting patterns, textures and crinkles that appeal to babies and stimulate their sense of vision, hearing and touch as well.

Lamaze Play and Grow Toys: Sir Prance-a-lot

Much attention to detail can be seen in the use of different fabrics, satin ribbons, teething rings, long legs that baby hands can grasp and the knight riding on top that squeaks when you squish him! Eventually when Ethan gets older, he should appreciate all these features, as the toy is made for babies up to 24 months.

The horse is quite large for Ethan at the moment, so we mostly hang it next to his play gym using the integrated fastening hook. Sometimes we’ll take his mittens off so that his little hands can feel the different textures. In the video below you can see him sort of swatting at it at 6 weeks old.

The manufacturer does not recommend machine wash, though some parents on Amazon have done it with no harm done. For maintenance, we do a surface wipe from time to time.

Personally I really like this beautifully made toy and look forward to getting a few more Lamaze toys when Ethan is older. Anything to keep him entertained for hours! What would you recommend?

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