A baby’s full month is considered a milestone and definitely a joyous event worth celebrating. For my baby Ethan’s one-month celebration, Smoulder’s lava cakes provided a touch of uniqueness over the traditional butter cakes.

Plus, if you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’ll know that my all-time favourite dessert is none other than the chocolate lava cake! Having these mark my boy’s first month of life is just plain awesome. Mama like!

Smoulder does its bite-sized lava cakes in an assortment of flavours. If you think lava cakes only come in the default chocolate flavour, Smoulder’s plethora of creative flavours, with variants like white chocolate matcha (green tea) and milk chocolate rum & raisin, will dazzle you.

Did we mention they are delicious too? Everyone that tried the cakes only had rave reviews about them!

Smoulder's Baby Beginnings packages

The lava cake specialist’s Baby Beginnings packages are available in boxes of 3s and 9s. So you get to decide who gets the big boxes, and who gets the small ones (hehe).

Smoulder's Baby Beginnings packages

And if you send them your baby’s photo, name and date of party etc, the team will print these out nicely on cards affixed to every box, complete with a small pink or blue bow. The cards are laminated too, and can be kept in the wallet as a keepsake (because throwing a baby photo into the trash is kinda mean).

Smoulder's Baby Beginnings packages

Small box

What’s even nicer is that the prices are kept exactly the same as those of regular boxes. A small improvement which I would like to see is a prettier design that differentiates these baby full month cake boxes from the regular boxes, like in baby pink or blue.

Smoulder's Baby Beginnings packages

Big box

The cakes that we ordered came in random assorted flavours, so there’s a surprise factor involved as well. This actually works because all the flavours – yes, that’s every single one of them – are good! My personal favourites are the dark chocolate and white chocolate pistachio. That being said, we do sometimes wonder which flavour we are savouring as the dark chocolate and milk chocolate flavours look somewhat identical.

Milk chocolate mocha lava cake

To get a full scoop of all these awesome flavours, check out our full review of Smoulder.

Smoulder's Baby Beginnings packages

Whether you are distributing baby full month cakes to relatives and friends, or having a full-fledged party, Smoulder’s Baby Beginnings packages will complete any baby’s first month celebration and make the adults very happy.

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