(don’t mind me. “hawt” or “hot” is my pet word of the week.)

Many of my blog readers (and their dogs too) must have at least heard of Kevin lim and his blog at theory.isthereason. I love hanging out with him because he’s hawt, and the fact that each time we hang out, he lets me play with his, er, equipment.

I have played with his Sony vaio ux230p (an ultra-portable micro pc) and Sony cybershot m2 (a hybrid digital camera cum video recorder). That camera’s hawt! So hawt that when I try borrowing it, he would protectively say “don’t break it hor!”

Over dinner recently, he showed me his newest gadget – pocket pda. Yeah, that’s the name AND brand of this made-in-china device. Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to products from China. But my, this one’s hawt!

Watch this video of hawt Kevin introducing the 3 main motion sensor functions of his hawt pocket pda to see how hawt it is (and him too). I’ll bet you wanna buy one after this!

In the video, Kevin does a walk-through on the 3 main motion sensor functions of this pda phone:

  • air sign – enter some text (either Chinese or English) and it would appear along the side LED panel of the phone as you wave the phone! This is motion-activated so only at a certain speed can the text be seen. Great for clubbers and deaf people! In the video, Kevin demonstrates with the word “BYE” and a smiley face. Cool!
  • portrait/landscape auto detection – when viewing a video in portrait mode, try rotating the phone to landscape mode. The motion sensor would detect the change in orientation and automatically rotate the video 90 degrees – just like the Apple iPhone! Gawd, that’s a bloody hawt feature.
  • simulated dice – simply shake the phone, and the on-screen animated dice would roll with actual sounds of dice-rolling! You can toggle the number of dice too. Very useful for card games. Now no one has to worry about losing his dice!

Kevin's Pocket PDA
Photo by Kevin

Some other uber-cool (and hawt) features of this phone:

  • video display ID – when a friend calls, have a video play instead of the usual caller photo display.
  • neon lights alert – cool light effects along the side LED panel when someone calls or a message arrives.
  • photo card/neoprint – cute preset frames and stamps to add to photos, much like the actual Japanese photo card and neoprint machines!
  • photo artist – image-editing application that allows the toggling of brightness, contrast, hue and various other colour settings of pictures.
  • car racing/obstacle game – a game that makes use of the motion sensor. Tilt or turn the phone to steer the car or “hop” over obstacles!
  • english-chinese translator – key in anything in English and it’ll be translated to Chinese. ’nuff said.
  • health functionsbmi calculator and pink schedule (for the ladehz)
  • pedometer – yet another motion sensor feature that detects the number of steps you walk/run
  • it’s nice – a smiley face appears each time you execute a command. This phone is nice!
  • cute GUI – I especially like the cute on-screen keypad and little icons.
  • small form factor – for a pda phone that is jam-packed with so many features, it sure is small and lightweight.

Wow, that’s hawt! Certainly one of the most interesting gadgets I’ve seen in a long while! I just might get one too! Someone convince Kevin to sell his to me cheap please, before he leaves for buffalo!

Pocket PDA
Brand: Pocket PDA
Place of make: China
S$250 (try bargaining down to S$225 or less)
Where to buy: Some shop at Sim Lim Square

kevin lim is a highly popular technology blogger, and one of the few people that frequently get invitations to all sorts of technology conferences or bloggers events. Be it paneling discussions or doing live webcasting of events with all his cool video gear, Kevin’s da man. I introduced him in my iX conference informal highlights too.

Visit him at theory.isthereason.