During Chinese New Year each year, many Singaporeans flock to the island down South to revel in the annual Sentosa Flowers display.

After visiting the event for the first time last year, I’ve made it a point to visit it every Chinese New Year. The event brings us city dwellers to a place literally filled with nature, where everything looks so beautiful and vibrant. It’s wonderful :)

In case you missed it, here are some photos from the colourful event. This year’s theme was the colours of spring, with over a hundred species of spring flowers imported from all over the world.

Sentosa Flowers 2009

On one side of this, there’s the gorgeous pink floral display with the name of the event formed using red flowers. This is what you see on the other side:

Picture made with flowers

A cute and happy looking picture, with smiley faces and butterflies!

Colourful flowers

How colourful! Well I’m sure many of you are much better at identifying the flower species than I am. So if you recognise any of them here that I don’t, let me know the name!

Pink lilies

Of course, I would pay extra attention to my favourite pink lily. Ain’t she a beauty!

Spotted a few people with their cameras waiting patiently by the side. There were bees buzzing around so these people were actually looking to get a good shot of the flowers with the bees on ’em. See?

Bee on flower

The huge rainbow arch made out of flowers was a huge hit with the crowd.

Rainbow made with flowers

Try spotting the pot of gold!

Pink flowers

Here’s another bunch of unidentified blossoms that are pretty in pink.

Pond with ox

This being the year of the ox, the ox played a prominent role in some exhibits.

Morning glories

Morning glories in a brilliant shade of purple.

Merlion in the background of the Sentosa Flowers event

The tall slabs of stone with faces on them. What do you call them? Never mind. There’s the majestic Merlion in the background overlooking the whole floral extravaganza.

Colourful daisies along the road

This time round, part of the event stretches along the palawan beach. The road by the beach is fringed with daisies in red, pink, orange, yellow and white. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had such daisies along our public roads too? They would really brighten up the place!

A series of garden displays created by local students were also showcased. Some were amazing pieces of work that really brought out the festive mood.

Paintbrush with the Chinese character "Chun"

I like this one with a giant paintbrush and peonies on the side. The Chinese character is 春 (chūn), which means spring.

A floral display of the Chinese character "Chun"

Another 春 done in a three-dimensional display.

An ox made out of cane

My most favourite work is the ox made out of cane. He looked totally adorable!

It may be just me, but the event appeared to have been scaled down a little, perhaps due to the economic downturn. Nonetheless it was still spectacular. Kudos to the organisers, florists, botanists and all the gardeners that helped to inject some cheery spirit during these difficult times.

Want more pretty flowers? Check out my coverage on Sentosa Flowers and Singapore Garden Festival last year.