Have you ever seen wine that is cheaper than water? I sure have not, until I decide to walk into a convenience store in Chiang Mai.

On this trip, our hotel is conveniently located near a convenience store, manned by a local that I enjoy having little conversations with and polish up my Thai at the same time. One night, while browsing for some interesting snacks and drinks, these wine coolers catch my eye. (Okay, so they are wine coolers, not wine per se, but still!)

Full Moon Wine Coolers from Thailand

As you would see here, the labels look quite attractive with a vintage feel. The bottle caps are the screw-on variety so there is no need to hunt for a bottle cap opener.

Full Moon Wine Coolers from Thailand

Full Moon wine cooler

These wine coolers come from the Thai Full Moon brand and are available in two flavours – red and white. Each 300ml bottle has a 5% alcohol content which is hardly detectable in taste, but it’s there all right if you know what I mean.

Full Moon Wine Coolers from Thailand

The drink tastes mostly sweet, almost exactly like grape juice. I like it so much that I’ll go back for a second round.

And can you believe that it only costs about a dollar each? At that price, it really is cheaper than water.