…and breakfast. And dinner too. And all the snacks in between meals. To increase productivity and time spent at the workplace, google provides free meals for all its employees.

Mind you, this isn’t just some shoddily prepared food simply because it’s free and has to cater to 10,000 workers. This is top-notch organic and hormone-free stuff prepared by professional chefs at 11 restaurants spanning across google’s mountain view campus.

With all the sushi, foie gras, tacos, salad bars and candy stations, Google employees certainly have it good! After all, they do deserve it for creating some of the best products and services in the online world.

Lunch at Google

But still, wouldn’t this induce jealousy in anyone?

Pizza at Google

Brett lider, a google employee, has posted dozens of pictures of the food he enjoys at google. All the pictures you see here have been taken by him.

Whisky tasting at Google

It’s not just food! There’s whisky tasting as well! Whisky at work!

Left: Salad on a stick, Right: Mineral water

Of course, things have to be lots more innovative at google, food included. On the left you see a pipette, plus a little bit of cheese and a little chunk of tomato on a stick. The pipette releases a little salad cream when squeezed. How neat!

The bottle on the right looks like something that would fit right into my toiletries pouch. It is, in fact, mineral water! All the way from norway, no less. That’s quite possibly the prettiest mineral water bottle I’ve ever seen!

Lunch at Google

Besides the 11 restaurants, there are also 44 food stations in between work areas. Each one has its own espresso machine, mineral water, vitamin water (!!!), juices and – the best part – scoop-your-own-bins filled with candy treats ranging from gummi bears to chocolate bars!

Snacks at Google

Sure, at the end of the day it’s all about increasing productivity. But pampering employees and making them feel appreciated go a long way. Workers that are treated well and feel good at their work environment are happy, loyal and hard workers (possibly fat too, in this case). It probably explains why google is so successful at churning out innovative and user-friendly services all the time.

Three cheers and two thumbs up for Google!