Well, I’m not one to readily resist the temptation of chocolate. And I know I wouldn’t be the first to admit this. So it wasn’t long before I paid my second visit to Max Brenner, the wonderland for chocolate lovers!

I can still vividly remember the richness of their hot chocolate from my first visit late last year. The chocolate is so thick and rich, a (hug) mug of it is practically enough to curb all chocolate cravings for a week.

But this time round, we got to sample something even better from their desserts menu. This particular dessert is filled with all things nice and good, and I feel it warrants a whole blog post of its own!

It’s the Melting Marshmallow Crêpe!

Melting Marshmallow Crêpe

Melting Marshmallow Crêpe

I’m not a huge fan of crêpes in general, but with a name as delicious-sounding as that, who can possibly say no right? With all the chocolate sauce drizzled generously over the crêpe, the whole dish just looks so pretty, delectable and lovely! It was definitely love at first sight.

Melting Marshmallow Crêpe with strawberries

Plus, it has everything a girl would love…

Strawberries, check.

Chocolate sauce, check.

Vanilla ice cream, check.

Melted marshmallow, check, with extra, extra brownie points!

Melting Marshmallow Crêpe with gummy bears

Look, there are even gummy bears! That is so adorable! I can just imagine the chef arranging those colourful bears on the side of the plate with glee. With so many different goodies spread out on one plate, it’s hard not to spend minutes gushing over it.

Melting Marshmallow Crêpe

For me personally, the warm melted marshmallow is the best part. This gooey goodness forms the entire filling for the thin French crêpe. Wait, I think there might have been melted white chocolate in it too. I love the way it stretches on the fork, kind of like cheese on a pizza slice! And I swear it tastes even better than it looks.

The sides of vanilla ice cream and strawberries are just the right complements. If you find that you have had too much chocolate (if there even is such a thing as too much chocolate), then the melting marshmallow crêpe really is the perfect counterbalance for you.

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