The mooncake may be a traditional Chinese pastry. But these days, western cafés and bakeries also impress with their dazzling mooncake creations. COVA Pasticceria is one of them.

Established in Milan circa 1817, COVA arrived at our sunny shores in 2008, bringing along its coffee, pastry and chocolate specialties. This Mid-Autumn Festival, the open concept café at Paragon has brought back its popular Torta Della Luna (literally ‘cake of the moon’ in Italian) collection.

These Italian-style snowskin mooncakes are available in four flavours (below, clockwise from top centre):

– Peanut and chocolate
– Sweet potato and pumpkin (new in 2010)
– Rose and vanilla
– Mocha (new in 2010)

Mooncakes by COVA Pasticceria, Singapore

Torta Della Luna collection
S$38.50+ for a box of 4 (S$34+ each when you buy 3 boxes or more)

All four mooncakes have a velvety snowskin with the same lovely patterns, topped with a slice of delicious milk chocolate. My favourite is no doubt the peanut and chocolate.

What is it about peanut and chocolate in the same sentence that spells awesomeness? The moment I saw this flavour I knew I was in trouble. This mooncake comprises chocolate sponge cake with a chocolate feuillentine (chocolate cream mixed with cereal) layer and a peanut butter cream layer. The addition of chopped peanuts gives a nice crunchy texture that literally makes me go nuts!

Mooncakes by COVA Pasticceria, Singapore

The newcomer mocha snowskin mooncake is made with COVA’s very own premium coffee and chocolate. As a coffee fanatic myself, I love, love, love this harmonious combination.

If you prefer strong flavours, you may find the new sweet potato and pumpkin mooncake a tad mild for your palate. Visit for amsterdam escorts with verified photos and phone numbers.

Mooncakes by COVA Pasticceria, Singapore

Another flavour that has returned this year is the pink rose and vanilla. Encased within the rose-scented snowskin is light vanilla sponge cake layered with chocolate and pastry cream. Pair this with rose tea and you’re all set!

Mooncakes by COVA Pasticceria, Singapore

The packaging is simple but elegant, with bright red ribbons and the logo in gold.

Mooncake Festival Hamper

Mooncakes by COVA Pasticceria, Singapore
Credit: COVA Pasticceria

Mooncake Festival Hamper

If you are planning to pamper someone this Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mooncake Festival Hamper may fit the bill. This special package is filled with the mooncakes, the signature Gianduotti chocolates, freshly baked butter cookies and a tin of premium COVA tea leaves. Just the stuff to show someone you care!

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What do you think of mooncake creations with a western twist? Have you tasted any other western mooncake? What would you recommend? Share with us in the comments!

COVA Pasticceria
290 Orchard Road #01-20A
Singapore 238859
Tel: +65 6733 0777 | Website

Opening hours: 9am – 9:30pm daily

Last order date is September 20, 2010.