Cold tapas: Pimento (Spanish peppers), Manchego cheese & Serrano Jamon (Spanish ham) on toast
Cold tapas: Pimento (Spanish peppers), Manchego cheese & Serrano Jamon (Spanish ham) on toast

Tucked under the Esplanade Bridge, Sol Tasca is a tapas bar that serves authentic Spanish cuisine. Although a tapas bar in appellation, they do have a breakfast menu and a small selection of soups, salads, pastas, pizzas and desserts.

Sol Tasca tapas bar at The Fullerton Waterboat House, Singapore

Here, you can wind down and enjoy delicious heart-healthy tapas while imbibing various vinous beverages with good company and Spanish music playing in the background.

Sol Tasca tapas bar at The Fullerton Waterboat House, Singapore

Upon entering Sol Tasca, the spacious interior with its warm décor comprising rustic elements with a modern twist invites you, enlacing you in the relaxing atmosphere.

The lower deck under the bridge features a bar where you can watch the nifty bartender do his charm, or unwind at the comfortable expansive sofa. You can also opt to dine under the stars on the upper deck.

Sol Tasca tapas bar at The Fullerton Waterboat House, Singapore

Your food is freshly prepared upon order in the quaint little kitchen on the upper deck.

The entirely alfresco seating does not scream hot and humid at all. You would enjoy the occasional breeze while bathing in the moonlight with good food and drinks.

Cold Tapas

Cold tapas: Pimento (Spanish peppers), Manchego cheese & Serrano Jamon (Spanish ham) on toast

Pimento (Spanish peppers), Manchego cheese & Serrano Jamon (Spanish ham) on toast
S$13++ for 4 pieces

The simple snack of Pimento (Spanish peppers), Manchego cheese and Serrano Jamon (Spanish ham) on toast is light on the palate. The no-frills presentation highlights the quality of the ingredients and the authenticity of its preparation.

The toast is crisp and aromatic with flavours of olive oil and garlic – best eaten immediately when served. This dish is so appetising it gets you ready for the next course.

Cold tapas: Pimento, Serrano Jamon & anchovy on toast

Pimento, Serrano Jamon & anchovy on toast
S$12++ for 4 pieces

Here’s another tasty tapas dish, topped with Spanish ham, a glistening piece of anchovy and Spanish pepper. The composition of flavours and textures is spot on. For those who dislike the fishy smell, you will be pleased to know that the anchovy is completely free of any fishy stench and bones.

Cold tapas: Olive, anchovy & melted Brie cheese on toast

Olive, anchovy & melted Brie cheese on toast
S$12++ for 4 pieces

My top pick among the tapas would be the olive, anchovy and melted Brie cheese on toast, a simple yet sublime dish. The combination of cheese, anchovy and olive beautifully stacked on crispy toast is a wonderful mix of flavours with contrasting textures. The olive topping is my favourite ingredient; it enhances the flavour of the dish, bringing it to a whole new level!

Hot Tapas

Hot tapas: Pan-seared prawns wrapped with bacon

Pan-seared prawns wrapped with bacon
S$8++ for 4 pieces

The pan-seared prawns wrapped with bacon is a mouthwatering dish. Think fresh, briny and succulent prawns, perfectly seasoned and full of flavour, wrapped with well-caramelised bacon. Absolutely finger-licking good!

Hot tapas: Stuffed pimentos with paella & Manchego cheese

Stuffed pimentos with paella & Manchego cheese
S$12++ for 3

Huge pockets of sweet peppers are stuffed with aromatically marinated cheese and rice, presented with a dollop of aioli (garlic mayonnaise) at the centre. The pan-seared red peppers add a mellow and sweet-smoky edge to the soft velvety texture, which is a nice contrast to the flavoured rice grains that have been cooked till tender and slightly al dente.

The Spanish rice grains are shorter and more plump than the typical Asian rice. The peppers also tend towards the sweeter side rather than spicy – good news for those who can’t take the heat!

Croquetas de Bacalao

Croquetas de Bacalao
S$8++ for 6 pieces

The Croquetas de Bacalao is a must-try. Melted cheese coated in a golden breading, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Paired with tangy garlic mayonnaise dip, this is one delightful dish that even children would enjoy.

Sautéed live mussels in tangy cream sauce

Sautéed live mussels in tangy cream sauce

The sautéed live mussels in tangy cream sauce come with a substantial portion of plump mussels that are fresh and generously coated with a creamy sauce. We enjoy the sauce till the very last drop!

Main Course

Paella Valencia

Paella Valencia

For the main course, you can go for the signature Paella Valencia. It is a satisfying dish served in a paella pan, which has been used to sauté the aromatic ingredients and to cook the Spanish Bomba rice. The rice is infused with the flavours from the squid, prawns, black mussels and chicken, then baked in an oven before being served. Looking for a great Photographer in Geneva then push the link

The tasty ingredients help make up for the slight blandness of the rice, which is a tad under-seasoned. The chicken remains tender and moist. The prawns however are less juicy compared to the bacon-wrapped rendition. De-shelling the prawn may be a hassle, although with the shell intact, it ensures a stronger flavour with the natural moisture locked in.

The best part of this dish is the caramelised crust of rice that sticks to the bottom of the pan; I scrape off every bit of it!


Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana

Nothing excites me more than to crack into a beautifully caramelised crust of silky smooth custard. While quite similar to the French dessert, crème brulee, it has its own style with the added orange zest that forms a charming combination with the vanilla. The dessert is made to order, leaving us some time to sit back and chill after a satisfying meal. It is definitely worth the wait!


The menu is complemented by a selection of international beers, Spanish wines, spirits, sangria and specially concocted cocktails.



What’s a Spanish meal without Sangria? The tiny fruity bits add much flavour to the concoction of red wine, triple sec, brandy, Benedictine D.O.M and orange juice. This sophisticated cocktail is a must-try for those who enjoy a drink with higher alcoholic content.

Spanish Kiss cocktail

Spanish Kiss

The sexy Spanish Kiss cocktail is an icy blend of gin, orange juice, mango and passionfruit sorbet. Beautifully layered with the varying densities of each liquid, I can hardly bear to stir it.

As the world closes in and we grow closer to different food cultures, Sol Tasca is an ideal place to start your gastronomic journey. Immerse in the Spanish culture plate by plate!

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