A restaurant in Sydney, Australia, has replaced its printed menus with Apple iPads. At Global Mundo Tapas in Rydges Hotel, diners can view the menu and send their orders wirelessly to the kitchen using Apple’s new touch screen device. How neat is that?

Restaurant Replaces Menus with iPads

Through a special custom-made iPad application, customers can peruse photos of the dishes, view suggested food and wine pairings, and read tasting notes. They can also indicate preferences such as how well they want their steak and whether to have fries to go along. Cool!

Letting diners order food wirelessly is hardly a new thing. Local sushi chain Sakae Sushi has already done it using touch screen terminals. But the iPad offers additional functionality with its ready pool of great applications. For a start, we recommend these free dining apps. Plus, the iPad is just undeniably cool ;)


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