Ever wondered how a Chinese water village, or the remnants of an ancient civilisation would fit into the garden city of Singapore? Or maybe a mystical sunken city like this?

Seeking Shangri-La

At the Singapore Garden Festival, you would be enchanted by such award-winning garden creations of art from all over the world. Many of the works are pretty stunning!

My most favourite garden design is the one above. Seeking Shangri-La is an imaginative display of the sunken paradise of Shangri-La. The designer has painstakingly created this illusion with the careful choice of plants that resemble aquatic plant life. Simulated water waves cast moving shadows upon the underwater city. It reminds me of the lost civilisation of Atlantis!

Event: Singapore Garden Festival 2008
Date: July 25 – August 1, 2008
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre

Admission fees:
Adult: $12 (Weekend) / $6 (Weekday)
Senior Citizen/Child: $6 (Weekend) / $3 (Weekday)


Building left with just its stone facade

An ancient building lies in ruins with just its stone facade. At certain timings, mist would be sprayed into the air, creating a somewhat dreamy or eerie feel in the jungle. Oops, I mean garden.

Mist surrounding stone building

People living in Singapore do not have the luxury of knowing what it’s like to walk through a wildflower meadow. An exhibit here allows visitors to walk through an indoor meadow filled with little purple flowers! You won’t be able to smell them though, as they are behind glass.

Indoor meadow of purple flowers

Lose yourself in this elegant spiral display.


One perpetually crowded exhibit is this giant panel of flowers made up to form the most beautiful face the world has ever seen – Marilyn Monroe’s. Made famous by Andy Warhol‘s iconic pop art, the image is instantly recognisable.

Marilyn Monroe floral display

Another display that forms the image of a famous person is this. Can you recognise who he is?

Mao Zedong floral display

A designer from China built a Chinese water village of substantial size. It was modelled after a traditional farmer’s abode in Jiangnan.

Memories of a Water Village

From another continent is this display of African grasslands, complete with giraffes!

African grasslands

Flowerbeds with colourful flowers, complemented with equally colourful translucent panels hanging from the ceilings.

Colourful flowerbeds

Icicles. Or are they really?

Icicles. Or are they really?

I’m not quite sure what these flowers are. But their vivid magenta and purple shades attracted me from afar. The flowers look as though they are dancing!

"Dancing" flowers

Clay statue in garden

Now, I’m sure most of you recognise this. It’s a patriotic effort created at the most apt timing for our upcoming national birthday. The crescent moon and stars are decorated with shimmery thread and white orchids.

Crescent moon and five stars

There were also a couple of efforts to recreate Singapore landmarks, such as a fountain in the shape of the Merlion. It even spurts water from its mouth, just like the real Merlion! There’s also the Singapore Flyer and the Esplanade Theatre. The Esplanade Theatre looks cute!

Singapore Flyer and the Esplanade

The Orchid Society of Papua New Guinea presented an eye-catching design!

Papua New Guinea

Really, it’s amazing what creativity and imagination can do to transform a regular garden to an awe-inspiring work of art. For a moment there, I forgot I was in an indoor exhibition and lost myself in the garden fiesta.

Bird of Paradise flower

Another exhibition that bears a similar theme is the Sentosa Flowers show held earlier this year. For now, I shan’t post too many photos as I would encourage all of you to go pay a visit! Do take advantage of the cheaper weekday pricing, check out the gardens and tell me what your favourite is!