I have always fancied leather wallets from the German brand, Braun Büffel. So naturally I got all excited when I chanced upon the unusual Braun Büffel Christmas tree recently. It was a surprise find too.

Christmas tree

It was outside Ngee Ann City where I stumbled upon this golden Christmas tree. The few times that I happened to walk past it, I didn’t notice anyone stopping to take pictures. Perhaps people aren’t too impressed with it, having seen the gigantic tree just a short distance away.

Nonetheless, I feel this tree deserves a spot in the “Christmas Tree of the Day” series anyhow.

Christmas tree

What I love most is the fact that the distinctive bull logo of Braun Büffel has been used as the primary ornaments of this tree. Not only has it taken the place of a star at the top of the tree, it has also been used liberally as strings of silver motifs that drizzle down the tree on all sides.

I always find such creative use of the company logo very clever. Another Christmas tree that comes to mind is the one by Mercedes-Benz last year.

Christmas tree

If it wasn’t for the shiny gold plaque displaying proudly on the tree, I wouldn’t have realised that Braun Büffel has been around for 120 years! It’s pretty impressive, if you ask me, to be able to create a brand that would outlive even yourself.

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