Today’s Tree of the Day is a wee little fella. We found him sitting on our table at Straits Café, Rendezvous Hotel.

Christmas tree

We were having a Christmas buffet and every dining table had its own little Christmas tree. I thought that was a very nice touch! Restaurants hardly ever do this, do they?

Gingerbread house

In addition, there was also a cosy gingerbread house by the restaurant entrance. After all, what’s Christmas without the good ol’ gingerbread house? Icing became the snow on the roof. Colourful candy lined the frame of the door. Pebbles on the pavement? They were chocolate beans! What a deliciously sweet little house!

Gingerbread house

But that’s not all. There’s even a jolly old man in pink living inside the house, with a candy walking cane! And, and, his furniture is made of chocolate! Ahh! How very Christmasy!

Turkey breast

For a Christmas dinner, there has to be a turkey and a delicious chocolate log cake of course.

Chocolate log cake

Okay that’s turkey breast and a half-eaten log cake.

Gingerbread house

Here’s another gingerbread house for good measure. Merry Christmas!

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