As I was strolling along the huge Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur, the sign from a brightly lit eatery caught my attention.

It screamed, “Best teh tarik in the world!” (or something to that effect). The place is Steven’s Tea Garden, a mamak restaurant chain. As a teh tarik lover, I had no choice but to go in. Right?

Okay, actually it’s really the cute sarong-wearing lunghi-clad guy at the entrance that enticed me to enter the restaurant. (you’ll see that I even took his photo!)

Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik (“pulled” tea)

On each table are slips of paper with check-boxes that allow you to mark down your order. I immediately put a tick next to the world’s best teh tarik. At 4 ringgit, it’s the most expensive teh tarik I’ve ever had. Well it should cost a premium for the best stuff, I guess.

The tea came with a super thick layer of froth on top, just the way I like it! I’ve had my fair share of the drink where the froth is thin or non-existent because it hasn’t been tarik or “pulled” enough. It pleases me so when I see a head of bubbly froth, kind of like cappuccino :)

The balance of tea flavour and sweetness of the condensed milk is mixed just right. Sometimes when it’s not done properly, it may get more bitter towards the bottom. Not this one though; the taste is consistent throughout. It is not sickly sweet, yet I don’t find myself reaching for more sugar.

Simply put, the taste is quite perfect! The only other teh I’ve had that fares a wee bit better is Sri Vijaya, thankfully, in our very own Little India!

Steven's Tea Garden

That’s Steven, the cute Indian guy wearing a white tee, sarong and slippers that attracted me in the first place. He can be seen welcoming customers at the 24-hour outlet in Mid Valley Megamall just opposite toast box. Not only does he have to demonstrate the art of pulling the tea, he also has to entertain the many amused passers-by that want to take a photo with him!

The friendly manager informed me that Steven’s Tea Garden would be making a debut in Singapore soon! I think that’s great news!

Besides teh tarik, the restaurant also sells various mamak cuisine such as roti canai, nasi lemak and mee goreng. Boy, would Singaporeans love those!

Sri Vijaya Restaurant in Little India, Singapore

This is the aforementioned Sri Vijaya Restaurant, with a REAL sarong-wearing lunghi-clad Indian guy at the entrance. I love that place!

Steven’s Tea Garden ( Halal certified)
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