On a recent trip to Bangkok, I stayed in the Sukhumvit area and visited what is perhaps the best-known chippy in Bangkok – The Offshore. It is situated in Soi Cowboy, the red-light district in Sukhumvit that is notorious for its strip bars and risque shows.


The Offshore first started out as a bar, and expanded into the fish-and-chips business with a unit next door. I may be wrong, but I think the owner is a Brit, if he’s the same elderly male who is seen supervising his female Thai staff.

Most customers buy their fish and chips as take-outs, waiting at the stainless steel front counter while the staff deep-fry their orders. You can dine here as well, in the rather dingy-looking backroom, and order a drink or two from the bar. The place is run-down, yes, and lacking in any decor whatsoever. But the food speaks for itself.

Fish & chips from Offshore, Sukhumvit Bangkok

Red snapper & cod
100baht & 150baht

We order both the red snapper and cod. These arrive as chunky, square-shaped fillets, lightly coated in batter. Both are moist and tender, and thankfully devoid of that unwelcome fishy stench. Of the two I actually prefer the cheaper red snapper; it has somewhat of a more delicate taste.

Fish & chips from Offshore, Sukhumvit Bangkok

The fish certainly do not sport a heavy jacket of batter. Rather, the texture is light, crispy and tasty. None of that cheese-stuffed glitz, too. Just simple, wholesome English food.

The accompanying tartar sauce, home-made perhaps, and a whole jar of it, is served cold straight from the fridge. Hmm.

If you’re wondering, where are the chips? They come only as a separate order. But in this case we opt for the rings of gold instead:

Onion rings from Offshore, Sukhumvit Bangkok

Onion rings

Jumbo-sized onion rings! You see, I have an unconditional love for onions, however pungent or breath-polluting they may be. Sure enough, this is one appetiser that we find extremely enjoyable. Once again, they get the batter right. The dish is light and crispy and bursting with sweet onion flavour.

Offshore, Sukhumvit Bangkok

For a complete experience, wash down all the deep-fried calorific goodness with imported beers like Tetley’s (170baht) and John Smith’s (150baht) from the bar.

To avoid all the naughty action of the area, visit Soi Cowboy in the day. It is a short walk from the Sukhumvit MRT and Asoke BTS stations.

The Offshore
7/8 Sukhumvit Soi 23
Bangkok, Thailand
Nearest BTS/MRT: BTS Asoke / MRT Sukhumvit
Tel: +66 02 661 7830

11am-2am daily