Hard rock café. That was the goal of the day. The place seems to have lost its appeal in recent years, but it still excites me! It was a good thing we dropped by. The atmosphere was fabulous for chilling out, with great music and superb decor. The Hard Rock Café in Singapore should really take a leaf out of its book!

Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas

The building itself looked rather plain and nondescript, a little run-down even. But the interior really rocked! Very retro and very hip. Once again, I wonder why I failed to take any pictures when I had the chance.

The bartender was a really friendly chap and a skilled salesman too. We settled down for a couple of drinks and had barely warmed our seats when he managed to convince us to buy a couple of glasses as well.

A drink from our nice souvenir glass

See, the drink itself cost US$7-ish but if we paid US$11 we got to keep the glass too. It would make a nice keepsake from Dallas, wouldn’t it? It is now standing tall and proud in my display cabinet.

Stirrer in the shape of an electric guitar

I loved the stirrer that came along with the drink, in the shape of a nice electric guitar. How adorable! I got a t-shirt and a pin too, also in the shape of a guitar. Okay, I think that’s enough memorabilia from Hard Rock Café Dallas!

Walking along the pedestrian walk, I glanced down on the ground and noticed something that looked oh-so-familiar and captivated me for a moment. Maple leaves!

Maple tree

That’s when I realised we were surrounded by maple trees. At least, that’s what I thought they were. If you’re wondering why I was so excited about those trees, scroll to the top of this page. Notice those flying leaves? I had never seen them in real life!

We made a stop at a wine store. They had many adorable miniature bottles of liquor and I grabbed a ton of them as though they were free. I bought so many, I wonder why they weren’t confiscated at the airport!

Miniature bottles

My favourite is definitely tequila rose. The bottle is so pretty, with the rose and all! It reminds me of anna sui.

Lunch was at a place called la gourmet pizza. The back of the restaurant opened out to this:

LA Gourmet Pizza

How quaint! I loved it! Why don’t we have such places in Singapore? The pizzas we had were freaking awesome. The barbeque sauce they used in our barbecued chicken pizza was so, so yummy!

Barbequed Chicken Pizza

The American pizza was a real colourful piece. Delicious? You bet! I reiterate my point that there’s just no food in the states that doesn’t taste good! Damn, I’m feeling hungry already!

American Pizza

Our next stop was northpark centre. But we had to seek directions from a pretty little flower shop. It was a really beautiful country-style store!

Flower shop

Look! How lovely! Having just celebrated Halloween, there were still pumpkins placed by the front door. Notice the mailbox to the left. Doesn’t it remind you of the recent movie, the lake house? It had the little signal flag by the side that could be raised to indicate new mail.

Flower shop entrance

We spent some time in the store oohing and ahhing over their pretty merchandise. It wasn’t just flowers, but all sorts of pretty stuff like exquisite lamps and dollhouses. The store’s pet cat came strolling in at one point. It was a very sweet-natured cat that was a lot bigger than the average-sized Singapore cat. Everything in America looked bigger in size!

We made our final stop of the day at northpark centre, the largest shopping mall in Dallas. That means it was even more of a shopping haven than the galleria (from the day before). For starters, they had the same stores like macy’s.


Abercrombie & Fitch, Part 2!

Abercrombie & Fitch

And… Are you ready for this? Eskorte – Norge will help you to book a companion for your weekend.

Alessandra Ambrosio in Victoria's Secret

Alessandra ambrosio! Ahhhhh! *screams* you know what that means right?

Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s secret!!! I got so high and I didn’t even drink! Alessandra ambrosio is so hot! *erupts into screams again* okay I shall not discuss the things I bought. But it was a fruitful trip. Very fruitful indeed. I even got a couple of gift cards to keep as mementos.

Victoria's Secret gift cards

Some snacks from mrs fields for the a TV night back at the hotel. With a name like peanut butter dream bar, how can any peanut butter lover resist?

Snacks from Mrs Fields

I love the states!