It is no secret that i love Harry’s Bar. The food, the crowd and the music are fine by me. But more importantly, it is my preferred location for catching the weekend soccer matches.

Recently I purchased the Harry’s card happily. It is perfect for the regulars (and for people that don’t really care which bar they go as long as it is a bar). The moment I handed over a crisp 50 dollar note, I got these:

Harry's Card

1. A stylish card with $60 stored value. that means you get an instant extra 20 percent cash value to spend! It is a great deal for people that already patronise the bar.

Chicken wings

Spicy Hot wings (8-piece)

2. A free side dish. we can choose from fries, wedges, hot wings, satay or nachos.

I recommend the 8-piece hot wings. They are lightly spiced and come with a super shiok sambal chilli. I’m impressed that a Western bar can whip up such a delicious sambal, a feat more commonly achieved by hawker stalls and nasi lemak eateries!

Harry's Premium Lager

3. A free bottle of Harry’s premium lager – made in New Zealand. By default I’m a fan of Stella Artois or Hoegaarden. This is my first experience with Harry’s house brand and I’m surprised to find that I actually like it! The taste is a little sweet and sour, and not bitter. Apparently it is also low in calories and carbohydrates.

Normally I shun all kinds of clubs and membership cards that try to lock you in to their business. But in this case I am already a regular patron of Harry’s Bar. With or without the card I am still a paying customer. Now, each time I top up the card I get an extra 20 percent cash value. Ie. Pay $10 and get $12 to spend. Not bad a deal eh?

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