I’m a big fan of the KFC egg tarts. Even so, I can’t help but baulk when I read about what new ingredient the fast food company has added to these egg tarts for Chinese New Year.

KFC Portuguese egg tarts with Mandarin orange

Mandarin orange! Now that’s an odd pairing. Gimmick or not, I know I have to try it. It’s not everyday you get to taste Mandarin orange egg tarts.

With a quiet determination, I scamper off to the nearest KFC outlet that I can find selling the newly fruity egg tarts. A box of half a dozen is yours at 8 bucks, slightly pricier than their regular egg tarts which cost S$7.50 for the same quantity. One box to go, please.

KFC Portuguese egg tarts with Mandarin orange

Mandarin orange egg tarts
S$2.80 for a box of 2 / S$8 for a box of 6

The pastries look almost exactly like Portuguese egg tarts but with less burnt spots, and with morsels of tangerine added. Happily, these sweet treats retain the same delightfully crisp fluffy crust and creamy custardy goodness as the usual KFC egg tarts.

KFC Portuguese egg tarts with Mandarin orange

The addition of tangerine brings a tinge of tartness to the mix, which I reckon is about 30% tangerine, 70% egg custard. It’s a bold play with flavours that actually works. I like it. Amazingly, the sliced pieces of fruit are as soft as the custard, so the texture is consistently smooth throughout.

KFC Portuguese egg tarts with Mandarin orange

It may read like an odd pairing on paper, but once again, KFC has exceeded expectations with these Mandarin orange egg tarts. As Chinese New Year goodies, they sure make interesting snacks if you are having guests over at your house.

Update: Sparklette reader Avriila shares that she would really love to see egg tarts filled with nian gao (a Chinese New Year cake made with glutinous rice), describing the ones she had in Taiwan as “heavenly”. What would you like to see in your egg tarts? (Shameless plug: Don’t forget to ‘Like’ Sparklette on Facebook and join in the conversations there!) Connect anytime, anywhere to watch hot models perform Live Sex Cams streaming direct to you from their homes and studios around the world. Sexy webcam online strip shows.

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What do you think of the KFC Mandarin orange egg tarts? Would you eat them or are they too weird? Have you had any unusual Chinese New Year food this festive season? Let us know in the comments!

KFC ( Halal certified)
Available at selected outlets

Available until February 17, 2011 or while stocks last.