If you have passed by the Golden Arches recently, you may have noticed the new wasabi range of Filet-O-Fish and shaker fries. The fast food giant promises it would give you a “karai sensation”. So far, these wasabi items appear to be available only at McDonald’s Singapore.

McDonald's Wasabi Filet-O-Fish

But wait a minute, wasabi on a battered fish patty? Wouldn’t that taste kind of… weird? Well, curiosity got the better of me! For $4.10 I got a Wasabi Filet-O-Fish, complete with a lime green sticker on the box that screams “wasabi”.

McDonald's Wasabi Filet-O-Fish

Spicy Wasabi Filet-O-Fish

The burger retains the same fish fillet, veggies and cheese, with the newly-added wasabi in the form of wasabi-flavoured mayonnaise. Okay, so that may not be the most beautiful burger in the world. But we’re not paying for food presentation here, are we?

The pastel green sauce looks and tastes pretty similar to the wasabi mayo prawns that have swam their way into many posh restaurants here in the past couple of years. What is surprising is that the wasabi is nostril-searing hot! I had expected to get just a slight hint of it, but this one brought tears to my eyes! Oishii!

So, if you love wasabi like I do, do give this one a try. If it’s like the other McDonald’s specialty burgers like the black pepper burger, rice burgers, or the Kampong burger that I miss so much, this one would only be available for a limited time period.

I have yet to try the Wasabi Shaker Fries. For those of you that have, let us all know if it’s any good!

McDonald’s ( Halal certified)