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Set up S’pore Food Museum

Tue, Mar 02, 2010
The Straits Times
By Melissa Pang

SINGAPORE should consider setting up a food museum, as part of national effort to preserve its rich cultural heritage.

This call came from Tanjong Pagar GRC Baey Yam Keng during the debate on the 2010 Budget Statement in Parliament on Tuesday.

Making a push for such a museum, Mr Baey said that food is an ‘important part of our rich cultural heritage – one which has been and will always been an attraction to locals and foreigners alike’, adding that ‘the history of our food variety will highlight our links to the world’.

Elaborating, he said the Food Museum could delve into aspects of local cuisine, such as ‘why Hong Kong noodles did not originate from Hong Kong’, and ‘why our Hainanese chicken rice is different from that found in Hainan Island’.

He also suggested looking into how the different F&B establishments here, such as coffee shops, hawker centres and celebrity chef restaurants, are ‘a reflection of the social life in Singapore’.

In his address that focused on the importance of the Singapore identity, Mr Baey said ‘now is the time for us to focus on consolidating aspects of our national culture, recording, preserving and further developing it’.

‘We will all play a part in shaping the outcome for our future generations.’

While there isn’t a Singapore Food Museum yet, there is already a restaurant in Singapore that bears a museum concept.

The Singapore Heritage Restaurant at the Chinatown Heritage Centre

That would be the Singapore Heritage Restaurant. It is coupled by a quaint museum next door, the Chinatown Heritage Centre. The museum depicts the lives of people in Chinatown, such as Samsui women and coolie workers, in the yesteryear.