It’s the Mid-Autumn Festival this weekend! To the Chinese, this is the single most important day of the year after Chinese New Year. Celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, it falls in the exact midst of autumn. Hence, “mid-autumn”.

Many legends and customs surround this much celebrated festival. Who hasn’t heard the story of the beautiful Chang’e flying to the moon, or the one of the adorable rabbit who sacrificed his own flesh to feed a hungry old man?

Happy Moon Festival!

Photo by Shutterbug Gal

The most popular tradition is undoubtedly the eating of mooncakes. There are several variations of the history behind it. One that I particularly like is the story of the Chinese overthrowing their Mongolian rulers by coordinating a rebellion through mooncakes with specially hidden messages.

Here’s a list of all the Chinese mooncakes I have featured over the years for your festive enjoyment :)

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